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Transforming Intent
into Action

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We Build      Business Sustainability    by Focusing on

We Build Business Sustainability by focusing on

ROI & Business

to gain corporate success and shareholder confidence

Immediate & Practical Solutions

that are easily integrated within everyday business operations

Purpose Driven

to gain corporate success and shareholder confidence

Brand Presence
& Recognition

as a responsible business that delivers sustainable value

Long-Term Financial Stability

in order to achieve corporate longevity
and stakeholder satisfaction

ROI & Business

To gain corporate success and shareholder confidence.

Immediate & Practical Solutions

That are easily integrated within everyday business operations.

Purpose Driven

To gain corporate success and shareholder confidence.

& Recognition

As a responsible business that delivers sustainable value.

Long Term Financial Stability

In order to achieve corporate longevity and stakeholder satisfaction.

We accelerate businesses
into the future
sustainable business
and people

Meet Easy Consulting

Transforming Intent Into Action

We are a team with broad expertise, hungry for business results and growth. Our team’s diversity and common values are a winning combination to succeed in today’s world filled with volatility, uncertainties, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).  We are committed towards the ethos of sustainability and ingraining it into every part of a business, all the while making the experience EASY for our clients and stakeholders.

About Us

The Challenges Many Companies Face

“Strategies are only as good as their implementation”

Poor Implementation of Strategies

The challenge is in the translation of corporate plans and goals into the everyday actions of the company.

Common challenges include inadequate resources and misalignment between departments and people.

Our Solution

“Great CSR initiatives have win-win outcomes for both the beneficiaries and the company"

Costly CSR Initiatives with Low ROI

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) allows for a companies to demonstrate their care for the society and environment.

However, many CSR programmes fail to have long-term, strategic impact. There is also a challenge in measuring, achieving and reporting meaningful results.

Our Solution

“Inspired teams are the driving force for company success.”

Complacent and Unmotivated Employees

Businesses regard people as assets; however not many are able to move these assets effectively for results.

Reasons include power distance between leaders and employees, workforce resistance to change and lack of workplace purpose.

Our Solution

“Effective sustainability reports contribute to the development of business strategies.”

Low Integration of Sustainability Into Everyday Operations

There is a perceived tension between sustainability goals and business results. This, along with the human tendency to resist change, is the key barrier to integrating sustainability.

As a result, sustainability reporting and its issues become an after-thought for many and long-term business viability is threatened.

Our Solution

Our Achievements

Achieving results you want, easily!

Our team of consultants has achieved the following results :

Increased client’s market share from 5%-25% share within 1 year.

Increased client revenue by 50% within 6 months.

Developed, managed & implemented projects to train >27,000 participants regionally.

Developed & implemented international award-winning CSR programmes for multinational corporations.

Our Focus

We Build Business Sustainability by Focusing On

Empower Your Teams with Knowledge

A source of knowledge to improve support and collaboration between the teams!

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What Our Clients Say

"The consultants’ style is one of partnership with the clients who engage their services. I have no hesitation in recommending them to work with you."

"We have grown in terms of revenue, market share and operational excellence over the years and your team has been one of the key factors in helping us achieve this."

"The reason we keep coming back to you is that we expect 100% but you always give us more, 150%. Keep up the good work! "

Beyond Expectations!!!We never expected these kind of results when we gave you the project. ”

“Thank you for opening up the mind of all our leaders to the exciting possibilities of a sustainable business.”

“Information alone is useless. Communicating that information is the key. That’s why we engaged you.”

We Generate And Deliver Solutions That Are Made Easy To Understand.

Whether it is to design a whole new strategic blueprint, to assist in project implementation or to upskill the manpower of the organisation, we are here to ensure that sustainable impact and results are achieved.

Future-Proof Your Company

Transform businesses’ economic and operational model to be more resilient and inclusive of the long-term.

Strategy Alignment & KPIs

Strategic Digital Marketing

EES-Business Strategy

Evolve Beyond Philanthropy

Take an active, strategic approach to CSR for win-win outcomes for both the target beneficiaries and the company.

Overall CSR Roadmap & Strategy

Impact Measurements

CSR Project Implementation

Nurture Willing Followers

Move your people for results through culture, leadership and skills development.

Culture Alignment & Harmonisation

Leadership Development & Succession

Building Capabilities For The Future

Communicating Sustainability

Sustainability reporting to impress stakeholders and influence strategic direction.

BURSA-Compliant Reporting

Dual-Purpose Sustainability Reporting

Materiality Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement