About Us

A Fire that Ignites Sustainability

Upholding & Ingraining Business Sustainability

We are committed towards upholding the ethos of business sustainability and ingraining it into every part of a business, all the while making the experience EASY for our clients and stakeholders.


3P Mindset

We are here for long-term results, our clients’ financial well-being (profit), the environment (planet) and the society (people).


We speak and act with truth, bravery and compassion.


We value every person
and listen to every voice.

Message From Our Team

"Dealing with consultants can sometimes be difficult because the challenges faced by businesses are complex.

We understand. That's why we make it easy.

We deliver solutions that are simple to understand, simple to execute. Then, the results will come - EASILY!"

Specialist Consultants

Unity in Diversity

We raise organisational performance through business sustainability consulting and people development.

As individuals, we want to have a better society and world to live in – not just for now, but also for our future generations.

As professionals from various backgrounds, we have the expertise to move people and build lasting solutions to achieve business success.

As a team at EASY, we bring energy to organisations to catalyse their leap into a sustainable future.

How EASY Started

Start with the team

Before the incorporation of Easy Consulting Sdn Bhd (EASY), our team had been working under the banner of People Systems Consultancy Sdn Bhd (PSC). As the PSC corporate advisory team, we provided customised solutions in the areas of people development and management consulting.


People First

Our focus has always been to put People First, whether we are delivering consultancy jobs, facilitating strategy workshops or providing training and coaching. We constantly built and inspired people so that they were able to create and deliver long-lasting results for their company and themselves.

“If there is no impact, we might as well not have taken the job.”

That is a phrase that our team lives by. We became addicted to creating significant and tangible organisational progress for all stakeholders. We also leveraged on our expertise in Key Progress Indicators (KPIs) to quantify this impact in an objective manner.


People and Impact

It is the combination of our deep, long-term commitment to People and Impact that drove our team to consistently provide sustainable results in our work. This commitment naturally sharpened our edge, and directed our focus towards building business sustainability for our clients. – that, is how EASY was formed.

EASY’s Journey Forward

The team at EASY is made up of a mixed bag of age, personalities, backgrounds and expertise. Our shared ethos binds us together to achieve our company’s vision and mission.

Our team’s diversity gives us strength while our common values keep us focused on achieving the same goals.

This, we believe, is a winning combination for a successful team in today’s world that is filled with volatility, uncertainties, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

We believe in a market where businesses operate and are well-managed to achieve sustainable, merged impact, in terms of the triple bottom line of Profits, People and Planet - greater profits from happier people in a thriving planet.

We believe that all businesses are able to maintain long-term profitability while holistically adding value to the environment or society in which the business operates.

We are committed towards upholding the ethos of business sustainability and ingraining it into every part of a business, all the while making it EASY for our clients and stakeholders.

What Our Clients Say

"The teamwork your team displays gives us a model to work towards."

"You stay with a problem until you get the solution."

"You have taught me to be brave."

"We are glad you are not one-off, hit-and-run consultants. You journey with us. As partners."

"You guys walk the talk."

"The consultants’ style is one of partnership with the clients who engage their services. I have no hesitation in recommending them to work with you."

"You fellas are so funny that we have no choice but to pay attention."

Our Affiliated Companies

People Systems Consultancy is an impact-driven multi-national social enterprise that transforms communities through empowerment and technology.


GEM Systems is a social enterprise incorporated since 2014. Its objective is to deliver financial literacy training for all age groups which includes children, youth, university students, working adults and seniors.


A Bumiputera status company, which was incorporated in March 2018. Its primary focus is to uplift socioeconomic status and empowerment, especially for the Bumiputera community in Malaysia.


A registered NGO with the Registrar of Societies (R.O.S) since 2012. It collaborates with Government agencies and other NGOs to address poverty eradication and other socioeconomic upliftment or support activities.


We Generate And Deliver Solutions That Are Made Easy To Understand.

Whether it is to design a whole new strategic blueprint, to assist in project implementation or to upskill the manpower of the organisation, we are here to ensure that sustainable impact and results are achieved.

Future-Proof Your Company

Transform businesses’ economic and operational model to be more resilient and inclusive of the long-term.

Strategy Alignment & KPIs

Strategic Digital Marketing

EES-Business Strategy

Evolve Beyond Philanthropy

Take an active, strategic approach to CSR for win-win outcomes for both the target beneficiaries and the company.

Overall CSR Roadmap & Strategy

Impact Measurements

CSR Project Implementation

Nurture Willing Followers

Move your people for results through culture, leadership and skills development.

Culture Alignment & Harmonisation

Leadership Development & Succession

Building Capabilities For The Future

Communicating Sustainability

Sustainability reporting to impress stakeholders and influence strategic direction.

BURSA-Compliant Reporting

Dual-Purpose Sustainability Reporting

Materiality Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement