Impactful CSR Projects

Implement strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects to bring meaningful value to the society, environment and business.

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Elements of Strategic CSR

These are the main elements we include within all CSR projects that we implement:
Business Alignment

Synergise with business strategies and operation to achieve strategic goals.

Impact Measurements

Report and assess effectiveness of CSR projects by focusing on meaningful measurements.

Sustainability of Impact

Involve a game plan for target beneficiaries to be empowered and no longer rely on continuous aid.

The CSR Journey & Evolution

Some Of Our Projects

Parent-Teenager Relationship


Strengthen emotional health of employees by improving their personal relationships with their teenage children.


What We Do:

We engage parents and teenagers in a workshop that is interactive, humorous and packed with activity. An honest and safe platform is created to address the underlying dynamics between each parent and child, in order for both to be able to continue on a healthy and productive relationship.

Poverty Eradication through Entrepreneurship


Be a part of the nation and global effort of poverty eradication by empowering disadvantaged communities to raise their income.


What We Do:

We conduct an end-to-end project where we recruit, train and mentor targeted communities for a revenue-focused Entrepreneurship Programme. Practical business skills and knowledge are provided, which will benefit everyone, regardless of their experience or confidence in running a business.

Financial Literacy & Empowerment


Help empower your employees and communities by strengthening the personal financial management capabilities.


What We Do:

We have a range of financial literacy programmes suited for different categories of participants, from school children, university students, young adults, working professionals and retirees. The complexity of each programme depends on participants’ needs, which includes basic budgeting and investment instruments.

Implementation Partners

We collaborate with these organisations on community-centric projects:

What Our Clients & Participants Say

The best thing is you give real solutions, not just theory.

You guys know how to make a difficult message easy to digest.

You give a man a rod, not just a fish.

The reason we keep coming back to you is that we expect 100% but you always give us more, 150%. Keep up the good work!

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