Organisational Culture & Leadership

Easy believes that people are the key drivers of change and success. For that to be achieved, organisations must have a productive and resilient culture and leadership team.  

An organisation’s culture is strongly influenced by their leaders’ day-to-day decisions and actions. Hence our approach in building organisational culture is strongly tied to leadership development.
Build a purpose-driven workforce
Achieve high levels of staff productivity
Retain and attract talents in your industry
Build leadership at all levels
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Human Capital

Move your people for results through culture, leadership and skills development

The Challenges Of Enterprise Transformation

Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge.

Complacent and unmotivated employees

Workforce resistance to change

Lack of inter-departmental cooperation: departmental silos

Low ROI on people development programmes

The Challenges Of Human Capital Sustainability

Complacent, unmotivated employees who are resistant to change

Lack of collaboration resulting in departmental silos

Low ROI on people development programmes

Introducing Our EASY Solutions

Nurture Willing Followers

Culture Alignment & Harmonisation

Develop a productive corporate culture through the cultivation of shared behaviours.

Grow managers to become the drivers and champions of the intended culture.

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Leadership Development & Succession

Create a strong leadership team that are able to lead willing followers, deliver corporate results and nurture future leaders.

Expand leaders' ability and knowledge on both managerial and leadership skills.

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Building Capabilities for the Future

Reskill and upskill your workforce to meet your current and future business needs.

Programme customisation to achieve maximum training impact and translation into business results

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Our People Development Approach Differ From Others Because Of These Key Elements:

Three-way partnership

Our team works alongside the management & participants to achieve sustained growth & positive change for business impact.

Practical Implementation

We use simple, straight-forward language and tools. The key to effective results lies in clarity of understanding and practical implementation.

Alignment of Motivations

Personal and corporate interests are aligned by creating and strengthening the linkages between individual motivations with the organisation’s vision.

Emotions for Lasting Impact

We create experiences that engage with human emotions. In our experience, major concepts taught with emotional transference solidify buy-ins, resulting in higher workplace implementation.

Our Promise

Outcomes You Can Expect

Purpose-Driven Workforce

Empower your people to be proactive in their work

Staff Productivity & Happiness

Increase workplace effectiveness and motivation

Talent Attraction & Retention

Build an ecosystem that attracts and retain talent sustainability

Leadership Consistency

Incorporate leadership succession at all levels

What Our Clients Say

"I now know I was wrong. I have gained new skills, strategies and tools, and I have also become a better leader."

"You guys are the missing piece between the big-time consultants and other corporate trainers. You help us with solutions and make them implementable."

"For the first time there was a real communication and interaction, now we know there will be a great team ethic and we have something to build on."

"You know why we like you guys? It’s because you can take different topics and break them up into understandable bits."

"You guys know how to make a difficult message easy to digest."

"There were so many actual stories that relate to our own situations."

"I can’t believe it; it is the same company, same people but totally different work ethic and performance."

We Generate And Deliver Solutions That Are Made Easy To Understand.

Whether it is to design a whole new strategic blueprint, to assist in project implementation or to upskill the manpower of the organisation, we are here to ensure that sustainable impact and results are achieved.

Future-Proof Your Company

Transform businesses’ economic and operational model to be more resilient and inclusive of the long-term.

Strategy Alignment & KPIs

Strategic Digital Marketing

EES-Business Strategy

Evolve Beyond Philanthropy

Take an active, strategic approach to CSR for win-win outcomes for both the target beneficiaries and the company.

Overall CSR Roadmap & Strategy

Impact Measurements

CSR Project Implementation

Nurture Willing Followers

Move your people for results through culture, leadership and skills development.

Culture Alignment & Harmonisation

Leadership Development & Succession

Building Capabilities For The Future

Communicating Sustainability

Sustainability reporting to impress stakeholders and influence strategic direction.

BURSA-Compliant Reporting

Dual-Purpose Sustainability Reporting

Materiality Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement