CSR Impact Measurement Consultancy

Raise the impact of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts through the setting of clear, meaningful measurements and data-centric reporting.

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Why Measure CSR?

CSR is more than philanthropy and the ability to measure its impact helps you to:
Demonstrate Strategic Alignment

Communicate competitive edge and differentiate from others in the industry.

“Wow” Your Stakeholders

Build a prominent brand image that strengthens customer and employee loyalty.

Quantify The Difference Made

Show and specify the meaningful change and improvements delivered.

Improve For Sustainability

Deliver long-term impact to both the target beneficiaries and the company.

What We Can Build For You

Deliverables below can be further customised to meet specific needs
Impact Measurement Framework

Standardised approach with alignment to business objectives and United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Measurements For All CSR Initiatives

Impact measurements with Input-, output- and outcome-focus that have high alignment with on-the-ground needs.

Data Collection & Reporting Processes

Optimised and automated data monitoring and analysis tools, with recommended reporting guidelines.

Our Strength and Value-Add

EASY’s Impact Measurement Approach

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What Our Clients Say

The reason we keep coming back to you is that we expect 100% but you always give us more, 150%. Keep up the good work!

We used the tools you gave us and we achieved some amazing results.

If you choose to engage with them, I am confident that you will have made the right decision.

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