Sustainability Reporting

At Easy Consulting, we find that reports are indicators of progress towards an overarching goal. With this in mind, we not only generate report that increases stakeholder confidence but we also consult in the day-to-day business activities in order to achieve success in tangible measurements.

Actionable Sustainability Plans

Progressive status reports with
strategic improvement plans.

Meaningful Measurements Linking to Financials

Impact measurements that affect corporate financial figures. Eg. cost saving, revenue growth, etc.

Stackholder Assurance

End to end service from stackholders engagement, materiality assessment until reporting, objective report to garner stackholder’s trust.

Our Approach

We are flexible in our approach and are able to assist organisations who are looking for the following services - whether in part, combination or whole:

Organisation and Building Data-Collection Processes

Stakeholder Engagement on Sustainability Issues and Concerns

Materiality Assessments

Compilation of Data and Report Generation

Synergy and Integration with Financial Reports

Consultancy for Sustainability Results Improvement

Transition into Integrated Reporting and ESG-Business Management

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting to impress stakeholders and influence strategic direction.

The Challenges Of Enterprise Transformation

Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge.

Unable to report on progress and growth on sustainability metrics ?

Lack of transparency on reporting processes?

Difficulty in identifying meaningful sustainability metics?

Lack of actionable strategies following from existing reports?

The Challenges Of Sustainability Reporting

Unable to report on progress and growth on sustainability metrics

Lack of transparency on reporting processes

Lack of actionable strategies following from existing reports

Introducing Our EASY Solutions

Integrate Sustainability

BURSA-Compliant Sustainability Reporting

Processes and reporting according to BURSA Malaysia's listing requirements.

Effectively communicate your sustainability efforts to all your stakeholders.

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Dual-Purpose Reporting: Historical & Forward-looking

Present the connection between sustainability efforts with business impact and results.

Develop initiatives and strategies to achieve progress in sustainability efforts.

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Materiality Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement

Have 2-way engagement with stakeholders by collecting feedback while growing their sustainability awareness.

Conduct a strategic materiality assessment that feeds into business strategy.

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Our Promise

Outcomes You Can Expect

Actionable Sustainability Plans

Clear goals and next steps based on robust reporting process in order to improve business sustainability.

Link to Financial Performance

Meaningful measurements within sustainability report that relates to corporate financial figures.

Stakeholder Assurance

Objective, third-party reporting to improve credibility and garner stakeholder trust while adhering to reporting standards.

What Our Clients Say

"Information alone is useless. Communicating that information is the key. That’s why we engaged you."

"Connect the dots! That’s what you do."

"The outstanding outcome for me is that they were able to deal with every department, job function and personnel in our group effectively."

"The consultants’ style is one of partnership with the clients who engage their services. I have no hesitation in recommending them towork with you."

"You stay with a problem until you get the solution."

"How come you are not afraid to deal with the difficult people? I don’t understand it, but I respect it."

"If you choose to engage with them, I am confident that you will have made the right decision."

We Generate And Deliver Solutions That Are Made Easy To Understand.

Whether it is to design a whole new strategic blueprint, to assist in project implementation or to upskill the manpower of the organisation, we are here to ensure that sustainable impact and results are achieved.

Future-Proof Your Company

Transform businesses’ economic and operational model to be more resilient and inclusive of the long-term.

Strategy Alignment & KPIs

Strategic Digital Marketing

EES-Business Strategy

Evolve Beyond Philanthropy

Take an active, strategic approach to CSR for win-win outcomes for both the target beneficiaries and the company.

Overall CSR Roadmap & Strategy

Impact Measurements

CSR Project Implementation

Nurture Willing Followers

Move your people for results through culture, leadership and skills development.

Culture Alignment & Harmonisation

Leadership Development & Succession

Building Capabilities For The Future

Communicating Sustainability

Sustainability reporting to impress stakeholders and influence strategic direction.

BURSA-Compliant Reporting

Dual-Purpose Sustainability Reporting

Materiality Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement