Leadership Development

No company culture will be successful without the leaders imbuing that culture. The leaders are the face of the company and, to thrive in these challenging days, the leaders have to be outstanding as well as united in their general approach. Then they will be able to create an organisation that is wholly sustainable.


The Challenge

The Company:

A large, established conglomerate focused on property development.


The Challenge:

1.    Improve leadership skills significantly.

2.    Create a vibrant and infectious teamwork mentality among the leaders.

Our Strategy & Process

We have found that the higher an employee progresses in an organisation, the harder, generally, that person finds it to improve in his/her own leadership skills. Paradoxical, but true. This is because of a number of reasons – time, urgent operational demands – both planned and unplanned, team issues, … the list seems endless.


Yet, logic will tell you that the higher in leadership one ascends, the greater one’s leadership level must be. In this case, we had to deal with precisely such a scenario — leaders whose rate of leadership growth had decreased over the years.


We devised a 9-month programme to bring substantial and substantive growth to each of the participants. In this programme, we would build:

·      A desire for leadership growth — Participants would regain their joy for learning and creativity, for becoming the best leader they could be.

·      Lean leadership skills —skills that are critical in today’s vibrant corporate landscape, including:

- developing and aligning strategy

- addressing corporate chaos

- enhancing teams by leveraging on strengths and managing weaknesses productively

- sales, marketing and productivity

- financial adaptability and resilience

- Intra-leadership teamwork —i.e. building strong links and support within the leadership team across all departments. This months-long programme is ideal for as it keeps leaders inconstant contact with each other, working with each other, supporting each other and even challenging each other.


The consultancy method we used, we have now come to call Layered Reality. Every concept introduced was immediately put into action by some activity – e.g. role play, case application, etc. – and then introduced into the programme chronology to be re-addressed at any time during later stages.


At some point – earlier or later, depending on the situation – the principles were applied to reality, i.e. at work or in their personal life. As such, there was an element of surprise and a resulting alertness that gripped the learning process. Each layer of learning is connected to subsequent layers in a seemingly spontaneous (in reality, planned)manner.

Outcomes and Impact

1.    Unity at the Top

A united leadership team was built. Joined in purpose as well as in sentiment. The leaders, over the process, had grown to be invigorated by working with each other.

2.    Leadership Capacity Bumped Up

Leadership skills were significantly elevated sustainably, especially because of our layered reality approach. Instead of approaching issues as before, leaders were able to leverage on new concepts, tools and skills to achieve intended outcomes.

3.    Improved Team Dynamics

Solutions to real-life leadership problems were arrived at through collaborative application. As a result, employees became more engaged and motivated as they were able to engage productively with each other.

4.    Guys Woke Up

The leaders’ attitudes towards personal growth were re-awakened with the promise of self-driven development in the future.

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