Organisation-Wide Culture Change with Leadership Development

Employees are key to driving business sustainability. Sustainability practices require long-term, consistent contribution from all employees, in terms of their behaviour, in order to guarantee survival and success.


The Challenge

The Company:

Malaysian subsidiary of a multinational logistics company


The Challenge:

1.    Instil a culture throughout the organisation based on shared values;

2.    Build synergy across leadership team in order to sustain the desired culture and drive performance.

Our Strategy & Process

The key success for any culture change efforts within an organisation lie upon the shoulders of the leadership team. They must exhibit and encourage specific behaviours and thinking in order to result in a mass change at all levels. With leaders walking the talk and demonstrating equal commitment towards the same desired culture, it will create a momentum for all employees to follow in the intended direction.

First, we designed the culture framework for The Company through a behaviour-based approach. This framework was designed through a consultative two-day workshop with The Company’s senior leadership. Together, we identified the linkages between the core values of The Group with the behavioural changes required for improved productivity throughout The Company. This resulted in the creation of an effective framework that addressed the needs of The Company while remaining aligned with the direction of their global corporate vision.

Next, we engaged the senior and middle-level management of The Company through a 5-module Culture-Based Leadership Development Programme (LDP). Leadership skills and tools were provided to the leader through a combination of training and coaching sessions. The modules were customised in tandem with the Culture Framework developed but also to align with The Company’s regional Human Resource plans on leadership development. We covered topics such as the 6 Leadership Styles, Power Distance, Personality Grid, GROW Coaching Model, Performance Management through KPIs and more. With this approach, essential leadership and managerial skills were honed and developed while ensuring that the management team continue to lead the desired behaviours from the Culture Framework.

Finally, all employees were engaged in interactive workshops to gain their buy-in and application of The Company’s culture framework. The workshops were also leveraged upon as an important engagement platform to align all employees towards The Company’s group vision and mission. Just as we did with the management team, we encouraged the adoption of corporate culture and behaviours through the learning of soft skills that are required in everyday work. To ensure effectiveness, the workshop delivery was tailored to the needs and level of each group of participants.

Outcomes and Impact

1.    Alignment towards Corporate Vision, Mission and Culture

All employees were able to understand their role within achieving the company’s vision and viewed their responsibilities with refreshed missions. They also understood and strong agreed with the need to maintain a unified corporate culture and core values. This alignment in mindset set a powerful foundation for collaboration across the organisation.

2.    Practice of Common Language& Behaviours

Employees started to practice the required behaviours during the workshops itself. Even outside of the sessions, they continued to exhibit and practice the desired behaviours. They also began to influence and encourage one another, including their own managers, to adopt it for long-term.

3.    Leadership Synergy and Collaboration

The bonding between the senior and middle-level leadership team has grown and strengthened. There is also higher understanding of the dynamics and challenge s aced by their own peers. This allowed for improved cross-team and cross-departmental collaboration at the leadership level.

4.    Effective Employee Engagement

All employees highly valued the opportunity to be engaged through such a transparent and structured engagement process. They found that their managers listened to their feedback and input, not just those provided during the training sessions but also during their daily operations.

5.    Improved Levels of Trust

Overall, levels of trust have improved laterally and vertically across the organisation. This provides a stronger foundation for collaborations and interactions throughout The Company.

6.    Employee Upskilling

All employees were up-skilled through different topics and tools that were provided during the various training sessions. The topics included effective communication and connection skills, systems thinking, problem solving, languages of appreciation and constructive feedback

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