Process Optimisation & Performance Management

Our planet suffers from tremendous waste, including resources wasted through inefficient and redundant processes. Structured planning and review of process help to minimise that waste, while clearly increasing profitability.


The Challenge

The Company:

A multinational company involved in the sustainable extraction and processing of natural resources.

The Challenge:

1. Devise and implement profitable strategies
2. Grow sustainability mindset in the company
3. Build strong, independent and innovative leaders

Our Strategy & Process

To achieve the intended outcomes, we employed a combination of a top-down and bottom-up approach that consists of 4 stages.

Stage 1: Engagement of Country General Manager

We spent days with the General Manager (GM) to better understand the finer details of the company’s business, the current market dynamics, its goals and current challenges. We also acquired a preliminary impression of the leadership team from the GM. More importantly, we introduced the GM to the latest innovations and approaches in sustainable corporate profitability and performance management.

Stage 2: Strategy Workshop with Key Personnel

All key personnel for driving performance and results were assembled for a strategy workshop. This workshop was not limited to only the inclusion of managers, but also some key people in the organisation who do not hold exalted titles but are crucial in the strategy process due to their technical and operational expertise and insights.
During the workshop, we devised corporate strategy together with the key personnel of The Company. We facilitated discussions so that on-the-ground issues were raised and addressed with openness, transparency and authenticity.

As a result, the final strategic direction decided upon was one that was not dictated from just a few core leaders, but was developed with the collaboration of all the senior minds and talents.

Stage 3: Cascading of Strategy

The strategy team were then guided as to how to cascade the agreed-upon strategy down through the various departments to individuals, using just one system so that there would be duplicability and learning in the process.

We enhanced the strategy team’s appreciation and understanding of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how to leverage upon them to effectively drive performance. The key to this is the shift of mindset of the employees to view KPIs not as a measure of capability, but a tool to monitor, guide and boost performance.

Stage 4: Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring systems and schedules were devised to ensure that the strategy developed was adhered to. The focus was to achieve maximum translation of strategies into actions on the ground. Reporting responsibilities were agreed upon to ensure accountability.

Outcomes and Impact

1.    Performance Culture

Over the years (we have consulted with them for more than a decade), the company developed a performance culture, which led it to outdo its budgeted profits significantly and repeatedly.

2.    Operational Excellence & Innovation

The company improved upon their operational processes. Inefficiencies, redundancies and extravagances were minimised and innovation flourished. Real solutions were arrived at continuously and, often, startlingly simply.

3.    Leadership Succession

The potential talents for consideration within the leadership succession pipeline become clearer as leaders emerged from this process. This is because they were given an open platform to demonstrate their creativity, resilience and team working abilities, among others. This added to the company’s succession capacity.

4.    Strategic Initiatives

The company devised a number of significant strategic initiatives from within this process. This helped the company to focus on activities and directions that brought measurable results and/or long-term benefit.

We Generate And Deliver Solutions That Are Made Easy To Understand.

Whether it is to design a whole new strategic blueprint, to assist in project implementation or to upskill the manpower of the organisation, we are here to ensure that sustainable impact and results are achieved.

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