Organisational Streamlining

An organisation is only as great as its people. Workers need to be organised and coordinated at its most efficient to provide a foundation for innovation and growth.


The Challenge

The Company:

A nationwide sales and distribution company.


The Challenge:

This company was HR-intensive. It relied critically on its people — primarily its salespeople —to drive it forward. The entire organisation was virtually built around its sales function. This kind of system, while seeming instinctively great, is not sustainable. Resources get depleted, employees get jaded and unmotivated and innovation suffers.


We were tasked to:

1.    Review organisational human resources framework to optimise it.

2.    Eliminate inefficiencies in the above framework.

3.    Improve staff retention through sustainable HR best practices.

Our Strategy & Process

We conducted an in-depth health-check taking into account the company’s near- and long-term objectives, resources, markets (current and potential), products and matched these against the company manpower structure.


Because of our ability to elicity honest and focused engagement from the employees, as well as our analytical capabilities, we were able to identify strengths and zone in on present and potential weaknesses of the company. Alternatives were proposed and implemented to immediate effect.

Outcomes and Impact

1.    HR Alignment

Critical misalignments were discovered in the organisational HR set-up. Our recommended remedies were adopted and the organisation transitioned into a sleeker and more efficient framework.

2.    Improvements in Handling of People-Related Problems

Leadership shortcomings were identified and were communicated — by us — to the respective leaders, and coaching applied to improve the leaders’ abilities. The senior management appreciated that we did the communicating and coaching as they, then, did not have to do the “dirty work”. However, we also coached the senior team how to deal with potential situations such as these in the future.

3.    Improved Sales Communication

Inefficiencies in the sales communication and delivery process were spotted and addressed. This resulted in a boost in effectiveness of customer engagement, allowing The Company to better position themselves with their customers.

We Generate And Deliver Solutions That Are Made Easy To Understand.

Whether it is to design a whole new strategic blueprint, to assist in project implementation or to upskill the manpower of the organisation, we are here to ensure that sustainable impact and results are achieved.

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